Zimbra Mobile Overview

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Zimbra offers two options for accessing Zimbra Collaboration Suite using mobile devices:

  • Zimbra Mobile Web Client can be accessed on almost any mobile device with a web browser. Using the Zimbra Mobile Web Client, users can access their mail, contacts, calendar, and briefcase. For mobile phone users this option provides the same features found when accessing your account through your desktop computer's web browser. To access your Zimbra account using Zimbra Mobile Web Client:

  • Zimbra Mobile for Smart Phones offers users two-way, over-the-air (OTA) synchronization and access to mail, contacts, and calendar so that information entered and stored using phone applications is downloaded and stored on the user's desktop computer. Any phone that supports the ActiveSync protocol (sometimes referred to as Exchange or Corporate Sync) will sync email, calendar, and contacts with Zimbra.

Comments about specific smart phone devices

  • iPhone
    • The iPhone has native ActiveSync support. Wireless synchronization between an iPhone and Zimbra is a simple matter of entering the correct configuration information.

  • Windows Mobile devices
    • Windows Mobile has native ActiveSync support. Windows Mobile devices are made by a variety of manufacturers and come in a variety of configurations. If you're considering a Windows Mobile device, make sure that the particular device has not had ActiveSync disabled.

  • Blackberry devices
    • Blackberry devices have limited email capabilities, but they do not support ActiveSync. They also require Blackberry Enterprise Server Express, which is currently not available. An alternative to ActiveSync is to use Astrasync software, which costs $50 per year.

  • Palm Pre (webOS)
    • The Pre has native ActiveSync support, but the Pre and the Palm Pixi have been found to have trouble with the security certificates.

  • Android
    • Android devices with ActiveSync provide wireless synchronization with Zimbra upon entering the correct configuration information. Android devices without ActiveSync require a 3rd party app called Touchdown, which has a one-time $15 charge.