Windows XP / 2003

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  • You can use the Remote Desktop Connection program, that's built-in to many versions of Windows, to connect to your Windows desktop at the office from home or another remote location.
  • On your home computer, click on the Start Menu.
  • Go to the Programs menu
  • Go to the Accessories menu
  • Go to the Communications menu
  • Click on Remote Desktop Connection


  • Enter the hostname of your office server in the Computer field.
  • Click Connect
  • *NOTE* If you don't know what hostname to enter, please contact or file a support request at
  • The example listed,, is NEW's office server. It will not work for you.


  • You will be prompted in one of two ways for your username and password. The next two images depict each way. Regardless of which way you are prompted, enter in the same username and password you use to login when you are at the office.
  • Click OK



  • You will now be logged into your server at the office. You will see the exact same desktop as you would at the office. You can access your files and run applications.
  • When you are done, click on the Start Menu and choose Log Off