Transferring files between the server and your local computer

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Configuring the Remote Desktop Client


  • Click on the Local Resources tab
  • Click on the More... button


  • Expand the Drives list


  • Select the local drive that you want to make available to your server desktop. This will most likely be your hard drive, which is most likely C:
  • Click OK


Connecting to the Server

  • Click the Connect button to connect to the server and start your server session.


  • You may be prompted with a warning message, asking you to confirm that you want to connect to the server and make your local disk available to your server session.
  • Check the box that says Don't prompt me again for connections to this computer
  • Click Yes


Copying server files to your local computer

  • Now that your server session has loaded, click on the Start menu
  • Click on the My Computer icon.


  • You will see your local hard drive appear as an icon. The name will be in the format of Drive Letter on Computer Name
  • Double-click on this icon to view the contents of your local drive. *NOTE* If you are accessing the server from home, it may take a moment for things to load when browsing your local disk. It will not be as fast as if you were at the office.


Creating a shortcut to your local computer's desktop

  • Under your local disk, double-click on the Documents and Settings folder to open it


  • Now double-click on the folder named after your local username. You are not looking for your server username. You want the one you use to login to your local computer. They may be the same, but not necessarily.


  • Right-click on the Desktop folder.
  • Choose Create Shortcut
  • A shortcut to your local desktop is created in the current folder.


  • Right-click on the newly created Shortcut to Desktop icon.
  • Choose Cut
  • Minimize the file explorer window


  • Now that you can see your server desktop, right-click on it and choose Paste


  • A shortcut to your local desktop is now on your server desktop


  • It is a good idea to rename this shortcut to make it more descriptive.
  • Right-click on the shortcut and choose Rename


  • Type in Shortcut to Local Desktop or something else that helps you remember where this shortcut goes to.
  • Hit <ENTER> when you're done.


  • The shortcut icon should now reflect the new name you typed in.


  • You can use this to copy files between your local computer and the server.