Scanning with XSane

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To begin:

  • Make sure the scanner is powered on.
  • Place your document on the scanner.
  • Start the XSane program.
In the Preview window, click the Acquire Preview button. Xsane-preview.jpg
If you don't want to include the entire preview in your picture, use the mouse to draw a rectangle around the area you want to include in the image. Xsane-select.jpg
Then, in the XSane window, click the Scan button. Xsane-scan.jpg
In the Viewer window, choose Save Image from the File menu. Xsane-save.jpg
In the Save dialog box, choose the folder where you want to save the image. Also, change the Type to JPEG. Finally, type in a name for your image file (leaving .jpg or .jpeg at the end of the name), and click OK or Save. Xsane-jpeg.jpg
Once you close the viewer window, you can now scan another image. When finished, you can choose Quit from the File menu. Xsane-quit.jpg