New features for Zimbra 6.0

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The following are new mail features for 6.0 Advanced Zimbra Web Client.

  • The Preference tab now opens your Preferences folders in the Navigation pane.


  • Mandatory spell check of mail messages can be enabled. When this is enabled, before you send an email message, if there are spelling errors, you are asked if you want to fix the errors before sending.  This is set in the Preferences Composing folder.

  • Return Read Receipt is now available. When you compose an email message, you can flat the message for a return read receipt.  You can mange whether to send a return receipt when a message is requesting a read receipt. The default is to never send a return read receipt. This is set up in the Preferences Mail folder.

  • Composing a message now opens a new tab.


  • Multiple compose tabs can be open and you can move between these tabs.


  • Viewing a message in a separate window now includes all the read mail features, including reply, forward, print, tag, delete, etc.

  • You can now select items from your Briefcase to attach to email messages you send.  A new Briefcase tab was added to the Attach Files dialog.


  • Junk Mail Options. You can identify specific addresses you want to block from your mailbox and you want to allow in your mailbox.