How do I share my calender with others?

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To share your calender with other people within your organization:

  • Open Zimbra and click on the Calender tab.


  • Right click on your calender in the Calenders menu.


  • click on Share Calendar.


  • In the Share Properties window:
    • Click Internal Users or Groups


    • Enter the email of the person or group you wish to share your calender with


    • Set the permission level for this person or group.
    • Viewer grants access to activities posted to your calendar and the status of meeting requests, but cannot make any changes to your calendar.
    • Manager allows the grantee to create meetings, accept or decline invitations and edit and delete activities from your calendar.
    • Admin allows the grantee to create meetings, accept for decline invitations and edit and delete activities from your calendar, share your calendar with others and revoke calendar shares.
    • None is an option to temporarily disable access to a grantor’s shared calendar without revoking the share privileges. The grantee still has the calendar in their calendar list, but cannot view or manage activities on the shared calendar.
    • By default, Zimbra does not allow shares to view private appointments. If you would like the person or group to see private appointments, click on the box to the left of allow user(s) to see my private appointments.


    • By default, Zimbra will send a message to the person or group when you enter an appointment or event. Click on the send standard message box to select other options.


    • Click OK