How do I schedule appointments for another person?

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  • First, make sure the person you want to schedule appointments for has already shared their calendar with you and given you the proper permissions.
  • Here are instructions for sharing a calendar -> How_do_I_share_my_calendar_with_another_person?
  • Sign in to your Google account


  • You will see the person's calendar listed under the Other Calendars section.
  • You can click on the calendar name in the list to toggle displaying it on and off
  • When it is on, you will see their appointments on the calendar. They will be the same color as the calendar name.


  • To create and appointment, click on an empty space in the calendar.
  • A Create Event pop-up bubble will display
  • Next to Calendar, choose the person's calendar you want this appointment to go on.
  • Click edit event details to adjust the appointment settings.
  • Click Create Event to save the appointment.


  • You will now see the appointment on the other person's calendar.