How do I get the global address list to appear in the address book tab?

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You can copy all of contacts in the global address list to a personal address book, but this personal address book will not be updated when the global address list is (i.e., addresses added to the global address list will have to be manually added to your personal address book). The best practice is to choose addresses from the global address list after clicking on the To: button when composing an email or to allow the system to autocomplete an address when you begin to enter it.

However, if it is neccessary to copy the global address list to a personal address book, follow the following steps-

  • Open Zimbra and click on the Address Book tab.


  • In the Address Book tab, click on the arrow next to the New button.


  • Select New Address Book from the drop down list.


  • Name it something appropriate, like Addresses Oct 2009 and click OK.


  • Type @ in the search bar, and select Global Address List from the drop-down list.


  • Click Search.


  • Click the check boxes next to all individuals in the list that you wish to move. (Selecting distribution lists like "Board Members" caused an error for me in the next step, so avoid those.


  • Drag the selected names to your new address book listed in the panel on the left side of the screen. Repeat as necessary if there are more pages in your Global Address List.