How do I download an email attachment?

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To download an email attachment in Zimbra-

  • open the email with the attachment you wish to download, and click on the attachment's file name or on the download link (see screenshot below).


  • Clicking the file name or download link will open a new window that includes the filename of the attachment (in bold) and a description of the file type (see screenshot below). The window also includes options to open or save the attachment.


  • Selecting the open with option will open the attachment in a program selected from the drop-down box (see screenshots below). OpenOffice.org3 is the default setting and will open documents created in OpenOffice Word, Spreadsheet, and Presentation' as well as Microsoft Windows Word (file extension = .doc), Excel (file extension = .xls), and Powerpoint (file extension = .ppt). To determine which program to use to open the attachment, look at the file extension or the file type (see above). If it's unclear which program is needed to open the attachment or if the selected program does not recognize the file, try saving the attachment.



  • Selecting the save file option will open a new window where the attachment can be renamed and saved to the desktop (default) or to user specified location. To specify a location besides the desktop, click on folders in the Places and Name panes.