Connecting to the Linux server with the NX client

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Go to: for Windows for Mac OS X

  • Download the appropriate client by clicking on the small green arrow next to the "NX Client" entry. Then click the Download Package button.
  • Save the file to your desktop. Then click on the NX Client icon as pictured below. (Note that the version number may be slightly different from the version in the pictures as the client is being continually revised.)


  • The installer will start.
  • Note that with Windows Vista, User Access Control may darken the screen and prompt you to Allow the installer to continue - make sure to click "Allow".
  • Click "Next" through the screens that follow. After accepting the default installation options at each step, finally click "Install".
  • After install completes, click "Finish". An icon labeled "NX Client" will appear on your desktop. Double-click the icon to start the NX Configuration Wizard.


  • You will then be presented with the NX Connection Wizard opening screen.


  • Click "Next".


  • Enter an appropriate session name for your site or organization. (Note that the screenshot may not match your site).
  • Enter the host address for your organization (for example, for NEW the host address is Leave the port number set to 22.
  • Adjust the slider to match your Internet connection type. ADSL is appropriate for those who have Cable Modem or DSL connections. Modem is appropriate for those who use dial-up, although performance may be sluggish with dial-up connections.
  • Click "Next".


  • On the Desktop screen, leave the first drop down set to "Unix", and change the second drop down to "GNOME" as shown above.
  • "Select size of your remote desktop" determines the size of the window you will see on your home machine. "Available Area" will give you the maximum screen real estate for your remote session.
  • Make sure "Disable encryption of all traffic" is NOT checked.
  • Click "Next".


  • Click "Finish".


  • Enter your login name and password and click Login.
  • Remember! Your username and password are case sensitive. So "John" is treated as a separate login from "john". Also, you do not need to include your domain name on this login screen, as you do for Zimbra (e.g., use "john" rather than "").
  • You may be prompted to unblock a port on the Windows Firewall on Windows XP machines if you have Windows Firewall enabled. Click "Unblock" if this happens.
  • If you have previously installed the NX client software and have set up a connection, these messages may not appear.


  • You will then be prompted to save an RSA key. The RSA key is required to enable a secure connection.
  • If you have previously installed the NX client software and have set up a connection, this window may not appear.


  • Click "Yes".
  • You may be prompted one last time by the Windows Firewall to unblock the ports for the secure connection.


  • Click "Unblock".


  • An NX window will then appear - logging in may take a few moments.