CiviCRM - Creating Reports

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Starting the Report Creation

  • Choose Create Reports From Template from the Reports menu


Choose a Report Template

  • Choose a Report Template based on the type of report you want to create.
  • For this example, we want the Contact Summary template.


Select the Columns to Display and Order by

  • The top section of the report screen lists all the different fields you can include in your report.
  • Click on the headers to view the custom fields included in the different custom groups that have been defined.
  • Check all the fields you want to include
  • Next, you can define how you want the records in the report to be ordered by.
  • Select a field from the drop-down to order by, choose a order type, and check whether or not you want section headers
  • Click another column to add another field to order by.


Define Report Filters and Preview Report

  • The bottom portion of the screen is where you can define the criteria (i.e. filters) for your report. These filters determine what records show up on your report.
  • Browse through the fields and establish any filters you want to use to use to limit the records displayed on the report.
  • After you are done defining your filters, click the Preview button at the bottom to display your report.


Printing and Exporting your Report

  • Once your report is displayed, you have the option to Print Preview (Printer friendly format), Print PDF (Generate a PDF File), and Print CSV (Open in Excel)
  • The filters in effect are also displayed just below these buttons. You can look here to verify that you setup your filters properly.