Address an Envelope

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To address an envelope in Writer-

  • Choose Envelope from the Insert menu.


  • Click on the Printer tab.


    • Physically load the envelopes in your printer.
    • Then, on the computer screen, click the picture that best matches the orientation of your envelopes in the printer.


  • Next, click the Format tab.
    • Under the Size section, click the drop-down menu next to format to select your envelope type.
    • Env. 10 is the standard size.


  • Finally, click the Envelope tab.
    • Enter the name and address of the person to which you'd like to mail the envelope in the Addressee section.
    • Check the box next to Sender and enter the return address below that.
  • Click the New Doc. button to create your envelope.


  • Choose Print from the File menu.


For more information, see the Print an Envelope Tutorial for OpenOffice.