Accessing a USB flash drive

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To access a USB flash drive, first plug the drive into a USB port on your computer. If the flash drive has an indicator light on it, it should blink briefly to indicate that it has been successfully connected to the computer. To work with the files on the flash drive:

First click on Computer from the Start menu. Flash drive computer.png
Locate and double-click on the entry labeled "drives." It's usually listed as drive Z:. Flash drive drives.png
Your USB flash drive should appear in that folder. It's usually labeled as "usbdisk." Double-click to open it. Flash drive usbdisk.png
The contents of your flash drive will then appear. You can drag and drop files and folders to copy or move them between your files on the server and your files on the flash drive. Flash drive dragndrop.png

When you are finished, wait a few seconds. Make sure the indicator light on your USB flash drive is done blinking, which means that all files are finished transferring. Then you can unplug the drive from your computer.